Kids Ride On Printed 4x4 All Terrain Jeep (MB6499-2)

Price Rs 35,000

For sale by Nizamudeen Mar 10, 2022, 12:53 AM Dehiwala , Colombo

* The little ones can be managed thanks to the parental remote control and the older ones can be independent thanks to the accelerator pedal.
* The use of this car is quite simple, the child will be able (around 2 years old) to press the pedal alone to move forward and when he wants to stop, he will release the pedal and the vehicle will stop.
* This large 4 * 4 can be used on any type of terrain thanks to its two motors which drive the rear wheels (one motor in the left rear wheel and one in the right rear wheel).
This large electric car for children will therefore encounter no difficulty when driving on grass, tar or gravel
* 4x4 off-road car with Remote control, Bluetooth, MP3 or USB music, Volume control, 3-level cruise control, LED lights
* Large car suitable for children from 2 to 7 years old.
* Here is the new born of our electric car range for children.
* The all-terrain 4 * 4, new generation!
* This large 4 * 4 will allow young and old alike to have fun.
* Dimensions:103 * 62 * 40cm
* Batteries:6V, 4A (x2)
* Motor:2 * 380
* Autonomy: 2-3 hours
* Features: Radio remote control, Bluetooth, MP3 or USB music, 3-level volume control, Cruise control, LED lights

District - Colombo

City - Dehiwala


Condition - New
Item type - Toy

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