ISO Consultant / Trainer

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For sale by Dr HARSHANTHA Aug 26, 2019, 09:30 AM Colombo 01 , Colombo

For the Company:-International Recognition
System Streamlining
Transparency between various Processes / Departments
Process Measurement
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Continual Improvement

For Customers:-
Enhanced Assurance of Product / Service Quality
Customers Delightness ( more than expectation )

For Employees:-
A better understanding of roles & responsibilities
Performance Appraisal

Competency Review

Regular Salary increments / Quick Promotions / Attractive Bonus
About ISO Standards with Our service ....
What is ISO: It is a Tool which is not tangible, but a system to make an influence in whole practices, processes in any a venture.

To Whom: Those who have a serious passion and relentless involvement to boost and broad-base company image

Why: Those who wish to minimize or reduce waste such as Time/energy/money and harness efficiency levels.

Eligibility: Any enterprise of any size; No matter what size of your organization

Price Structure: Depends on the number of employees and negotiable.

Credibility: Certification Guaranteed

Passion: Trust, Honesty & Loyalty towards Efficiency

District - Colombo

City - Colombo 01

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